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Angela Wills-Founder of Laptop University

I’m really excited to share this interview with Angela Wills with you today. Some of you might already know about her but in case you don’t, she’s the founder of Laptop University. I can’t remember exactly how I heard about it but I’m happy that I did. I joined as a member late last year and although, I have to admit. I’ve not dived into all the goodies membership has to offer, I’ve taken some of the member only classes and it gave me the incentive and kick up the you know what to re-brand this site, try to grow a list, and make things happen so I have another stream of income beside my writing and teaching. I strongly encourage you to check out membership and yes, full disclosure, if you use any of the links I’m providing I do get commission should you decide to sign up for any of the programs.

Tell us about yourself and how Laptop University came to be?

I’m a mom of two wonderful children and I got started online when my son was only 4 months old. Over the years I learned a lot about building websites, starting email lists, creating products and content and salespages and more. I was doing it all for my own websites and seeing success with it. One of the things that was a huge contributor to my success was networking with other moms online in business. I started Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity to create a community to support people who want to build a life they love and I did it because it’s one of the most important things I did to grow my business – connect with others.

What are some of the major benefits of being a member?

1. Meet and work with a variety of business owners who have taken what they know and teach it online. We have people who help parents, coaches, crafters, health focused and so much more. The thing we ALL have in common is we’re taking our skills online to create leverage and a laptop lifestyle!

2. I run a collaboration for members every three months. This allows members to have a way to apply what they’re learning through the community to build their lists and make money. The collabs are fun and profitable so it’s a win, win, win!

3. We have weekly coaching calls for members. I show up and share what I’m working on and what’s working for me. Members as questions and we have a REAL discussion on what they need and how they can move forward.

4. Training through the membership is actionable stuff that you can use FAST to grow your business in ways such as: creating digital products, finding success with affiliate marketing, building your email list and more.

What are some of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs today?

– I think THE biggest challenge online entrepreneurs face is the overwhelm of marketing methods and technology to grow their business. The options out there to find success are actually hindering people because it’s hard to make a decision and move forward with that with confidence.

You’ve just launched a new program called MEconomy. Could you tell us about it and what it focuses on?

MEconomy focuses on resolving the biggest challenge of overwhelm that I mentioned above. MEconomy is for those who are SICK of trying to follow someone else’s course or step by step plan. It’s not a method or a system – it’s a way of BEING. Almost like an anti-course or uncourse. In this program I teach people to be confident, make decisions that move their business forward and NEVER need to rely on someone else or something else to create their own economy and create total financial and lifestyle freedom for themselves.

Do you have any tips for people who want to launch their own business? Any resources you’d recommend?    

Go for it! Get started. Don’t wait to learn how to do it because, as mentioned, there are SO MANY WAYS. Find something that jives with you and go for it. Making money is the BEST motivator to keep going so put your focus on generating an income FIRST so that you feel like it’s worth all the time and effort you’re putting in. As far as tools and resources I suggest you just get what you NEED. You can see my tools I use here but please do not just go buy them. Think logically about the first step for YOU, because your journey with be different than mine or anyone else’s.

What’s next for you and for Laptop University and how can people learn more about signing up for either or both programs?

Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity has a wonderful collaboration called the Do What You Love Summit happening right now. You can join here:

  MEconomy is now closed but if you go to Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity and get on my email list you’ll get notice when it’s open again for registration.

You can also find me on facebook and instagram as LaptopLifestyleAngela !

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