Six Superfoods…that are also budget friendly

I recently worked on an article for a major health magazine about ways we can pack more nutrition into our diets without going over budget. It was one of my all time favorites to write and I learned so much.  While I was researching it I came across a list of more superfoods that nutritionists recommend we eat more of. The best thing is they’re also budget friendly too-


I know most people turn their noses up at these types of foods but you can sneak them into you diet. One of my favorite ways to serve broccoli is in soup’s like vegetable or even cheese and broccoli. If you really can’t stand this veggie I did stumble upon a great side dish at Walmart in their Great Value line. It’s their broccoli with cheese sauce that can be steamed in your microwave. Last time I bought it, it was under $2 and a great way to slowly introduce this superfood into your meals.


Perfect time of the year for this one. I just got back from the supermarket and found some great deals on strawberries and blackberries. I usually buy more when they’re on sale and freeze them so I can eat them year round. I add them to smoothies, crumbles and pies. And if you want a quick, healthy snack they’re ideal all by themselves. My most recent favorite way to eat them is as a topping with Greek yogurt and some honey. And to really save money, how about growing your own?


Another item that’s getting more plentiful…and cheaper now. They’re also easy to grow. You can add tomatoes to just about anything, sandwiches, salads, soups. And try sun dried tomatoes too. I buy them in the bulk bin section and use them on pizza and in pasta dishes with basil and chopped olives. While I was working on the nutrition article all the experts said not to overlook the canned variety because they’re cheap…always on sale, and packed with antioxidants.


This one is probably the most expensive on the list but once again the bulk bin section offers the best deal. Another tip is to add them to other things like raisins, lower priced peanuts for homemade trail mix. I also like them toasted and sprinkled over salads…especially in the fall. And grind them with oatmeal (another superfood) on crumbles and crisps.


I buy a jar of already chopped garlic and keep it in the fridge. I add it to just about everything, soups, salad dressings and one of my favorites, homemade cheese and garlic bread. I mix parmesan cheese and about a tablespoon of the chopped garlic to a low fat spread and use it with toasted French or Italian bread.


No suprise here. If you’ve been following my posts on all the types of beans and legumes you can buy you already know about this great buy. Easy to cook in a slow cooker and can be used in just about anything. If you have any leftover they also freeze well. Plus, the canned variety won’t break the bank either. And right now all varieties of baked beans are on sale too. Perfect time to stock up for picnic and BBQ season.

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