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    End of the Week Soup

    Have leftovers, hate to toss them in the garbage but have no idea how to put them to good use? I used to frequent a restaurant that always had vegetable soup on the menu. It always tasted different from the time before. Sometimes it would have beans in it, sometimes rice, but it without fail, it was delicious. One day, I got up the nerve to ask why the ingredients were different each time I ordered it. They let me into a little secret…it was their leftovers. No, not food scraped off of plates that were returned to the kitchen but food they had a surplus of that week or…

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    Six Superfoods…that are also budget friendly

    I recently worked on an article for a major health magazine about ways we can pack more nutrition into our diets without going over budget. It was one of my all time favorites to write and I learned so much.  While I was researching it I came across a list of more superfoods that nutritionists recommend we eat more of. The best thing is they’re also budget friendly too- Broccoli I know most people turn their noses up at these types of foods but you can sneak them into you diet. One of my favorite ways to serve broccoli is in soup’s like vegetable or even cheese and broccoli. If you…

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    Buy It or Make Your Own

    During every trip to the supermarket I ask myself is it cheaper for me to buy that item already prepared or should I make my own. It’s not only money that I base my decision on, time plays a factor too. Here are some guidelines I’ve come up with and items I will and won’t buy already prepared. Time/Convenience If you’re short on time then opting for readymade makes perfect sense. One great example is potatoes, whether they’re mashed, oven roasted etc. I keep at least one package of each in the freezer or pantry. And the great thing is instant potatoes taste a lot better than they used to…

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    More Ways to Stretch Your Food Dollar (and some recipes)

    Entering the Grocery Challenge contest? Here are some more ways to help stretch your food dollar along with some recipes. Shop at the Drug Stores Don’t just think of the supermarket when you’re buying groceries. Sometimes you can get better deals at places like Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy. Friends with Memberships You might not want to pay $50 for a membership to a warehouse club but for this challenge ask if friends, family or co-workers if they do and stock up some pantry essentials. When I had a membership to Costco I found things olives, sun dried tomatoes and most cheeses were great deals. And if you want to make…

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    Eating Well on a Budget While You’re Traveling

    Maybe you have big travel plans this summer or just planning a few days out and about seeing local sites. Either way traveling away from home and eating out can put a dent in your budget. However, with a little preplanning, you can save money and still eat well. A Room with a Kitchen More hotels have rooms with kitchens and they’re a smart choice. Eat half your meals in the room instead of eating out and you’ll save a ton of money. If you can’t find a hotel room with a kitchen, ask if any of the rooms have at least a fridge or microwave. If the price of…

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    Ideal Foods for the Budget Savvy Cook

    Just the other day I was talking to a friend and we got onto the topic of the ever increasing price of food and it got me thinking. Are there still bargains to be had at the supermarket? There are and here are my top picks- Frozen and Canned Vegetables The other week I bought a couple of bunches of spinach for a recipe I was making. Fresh spinach was on special, but after I’d spent 15 minutes trying to wash all the dirt and sand from the leaves, and after it cooked down to practically nothing, I vowed never to buy fresh spinach again. Frozen spinach is probably one…

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