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I usually have my New Year resolutions all worked out by the time Christmas rolls around. This holiday, I didn’t. So this week when I’ve had a spare minute or two I’ve been making notes about what I want to achieve this year. Lots of things are on my list and most are about saving money on just about everything, but my top priority is the food budget. Here are some of my goals, they might be yours too.

Make More Ready Made Meals
This was on my list last year. I did make some meals now and then but this year I want to be more consistent. Which leads me straight into goal number two.

Spend One Saturday a Month Making Ready Made Meals
A couple of years ago I bought a cookbook devoted to the subject but never got done to actually putting it into action. I’m determined this year will be different. I’ll spend the first Saturday of each month making meals I can put into the freezer and just pull out when time isn’t my best friend.

Make More Homemade Staples
Yes, I have to admit I buy ready-made pizza crusts and salad dressings. But I have so many great recipes to try; this goal might be doable in 2010.

Make A Recipe Folder with Desperation Dinner Favorites
I have a box and some index cards and I’m determined to add all my favorite quick recipes to it. When time’s short or I don’t feel like spending more than 30 minutes in the kitchen, these will be the recipes I pull out.

Use More Coupons
As each year passes, I’ve been using more coupons and searching for bargains. This year I want to do even better. I’ve set a goal of searching online for deals and coupons before each shopping trip.

Grow More of My Own Food
You already know I bought an Aerogarden and I’m planning to plant a vegetable garden in spring. Just the other day I received a gardening catalog selling miniature fruit trees that can be planted in patio pots during warm weather and brought inside in the winter. I might give one a try this year.

Sticking with Your Goals
A couple of things I’ve found help you stick with your resolutions and goals are one, to write them down, two, revisit them on a regular basis, and three, tell others about them and ask them to check on your progress.

Some Sites of Note
Here are some Web sites I’ve found that offer free grocery lists, to do lists, just about everything to get more organized and gain more time this year.


Another goal I forgot to mention is not wasting food, look out for my article on that topic tomorrow…

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