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    Getting Organized for the Budget Minded

    Years ago when I was a publicist I’d drive to one of my client’s offices a couple of times a month. On that journey I’d pass a store selling everything you’d need to get organized. I’m not sure what it was about the store that drew me in every month but I felt compelled to go check it out. However, the outcome was always the same. I’d come out empty handed and disheartened because being organized was obviously out of my budget.  Always one for a challenge, I took note of the items in the store. I looked around to find things that were either free or low cost to help organize my home and…

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    New Year Resolutions for the Budget Minded

    A happy New Year to everyone. I you all enjoyed the holiday season. Now it’s back to normal and being that it’s a brand new year articles about resolutions are everywhere. Most of them focus on losing weight and exercising but it’s the perfect time to think about money and savings ones too. I’ve made a few, like throwing zero food away. I’m pretty good about it now but there’s still room for improvement. I’ll also be making my own gourmet breads instead of paying almost $5 for a loaf I can make for a few dollars, even less…I’ve almost got the cheese bread down to an art! I’ve attempted this one for the…

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    Budget Resolutions (or goals)…and sites to get you organized

    I usually have my New Year resolutions all worked out by the time Christmas rolls around. This holiday, I didn’t. So this week when I’ve had a spare minute or two I’ve been making notes about what I want to achieve this year. Lots of things are on my list and most are about saving money on just about everything, but my top priority is the food budget. Here are some of my goals, they might be yours too. Make More Ready Made Meals This was on my list last year. I did make some meals now and then but this year I want to be more consistent. Which leads…

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    The Blog-Another Year of Savings

    It’s 2010 and I haven’t made any New Year resolutions yet. Most of will be budget related. One is to finally get my master grocery list finished. I always think it’s done and then I find something else to add to it. Another resolution is to get a vegetable garden planted. That was on my list last year and never seemed to happen. I’ll be getting off to a great start with my Aerogarden. I haven’t got it up and running yet but when I do I’ll let you know how it’s going and post some photos. Another goal is not to throw away any food. I hate doing that…

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    How to Stay Strong in a Weak Economy

    One of the first things most of us cancel during tough times is a health club membership. If you’re one of those people but still want to keep in shape, you have lots of alternatives. A couple of years ago, I interviewed NY-based Austrian fitness expert Stefan Aschan for an article I was working on and he’s been a great source of fitness and nutrition tips ever since. I asked him to share some of his tips for working out when money’s tight. And later this week I’ll be posting another article on inexpensive ways to keep in shape. Do check with your doctor before you try any new exercise…

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