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    Friday News You Can Use

    It’s Friday and lots of you told me how much you enjoyed me digging through the Budget Smart Girl archives and finding past posts to include in News You Can Use. I had people who have been subscribers from the very beginning tell me they enjoyed seeing these articles again. Others, brand new to the site, appreciated me bringing these tips and hints to their attention. So, with that in mind, I’ve pulled out three more. It’s time to getting gardening and this first link will take you to a post from 2008. Isn’t it funny how old topics become new again and this one also from 2008, tells you…

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    Friday News You Can Use-More Budget Meals

    It’s Friday already and time for news you can use. Stretching your food budget is a concern for many people right now so I thought for this week, I’d find three sites that focus on budget meals. This first site, is one of my favorites. I have Beth’s cookbook…highly recommend it. https://www.budgetbytes.com/category/recipes/ This site lets you pick how much you want to spend per meal which I think is a great feature- And finally, Taste of Home. These recipes look delicious and it’s hard to believe they’re budget friendly. I think I’ll give some of these a try and post a review on my food and cooking site www.cookinggrubhub.com  and…

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    Friday News You Can Use-Budget Meals

    I t’s the first Friday of March. Here are three useful articles I stumbled upon this week- I found this site called The Balance Money which has lots of great articles, but I thought this one about budget worksheet was especially good- https://www.thebalancemoney.com/basic-monthly-budget-worksheet-1289585 Another new to me site, Be The Budget has these easy to follow budgeting tips- And as I’ve had more requests for budget meals, I found these goodies on The Spruce Eats- https://www.thespruceeats.com/affordable-budget-meals-for-families-4845538

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    Money Saving Tip-Spice It Up

    Sometimes cheaper cuts of meat, even budget stretchers like beans can be bland. One thing that can make everything taste like gourmet fare is herbs and spices. Things like garlic and ginger can make a bland soup or stew taste like a professional chef made it. Grow your own or buy one herb or spice each time you go grocery shopping.

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    Money Challenge-Day 11-Food Sites

    Today is about cookbooks and food sites that are focused on budget meals. Try and find some to bookmark or put on your bookshelf. Here are two sites to get started- https://www.budgetbytes.com/ https://goodcheapeats.com/

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    A Cup of This and A Slice of That…

    Have a cup of mashed potatoes, half cup of green beans, a slice of turkey… Looks like you’ve got the makings of your own TV dinner. Some people love leftovers while some hate them. Seeing the same meal or even the same ingredients more than once can send some running. One way around it, (and also to save money), is to take leftovers and come up with your own version of the infamous TV dinner. While the store bought ones are most likely full of preservatives, too much sodium etc. yours will be healthy and have items you love. First step is to buy some of the meal prepping containers.…

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    Don’t Waste It- Five Ways to Use Leftover Bread

    I hate wasting anything….even more so now that prices are going higher. Besides keeping a loaf of store bought bread in the freezer, I make all my own bread. One downside is because it’s preservative free, it gets stale a lot quicker. Oftentimes, before the whole loaf is eaten. I’ve found lots of ways to put the stale bread to good use rather than throwing it away. If you’re faced with the same problem here are some ideas- Breadcrumbs Save money on breadcrumbs by putting pieces of stale bread in the blender or food processor and then put them in container or freezer bag and keep them in the freezer.…

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    Forget the steak… five reasons to love stews

     When the temperature dips there’s sometimes nothing better to eat than a bowl of hearty stew. It’s comfort food at its very best and some of my favorite food memories from childhood are indulging in a stew my grandmother had cooked. Meat, vegetables and a savory liquid that are simmered together for hours on top of the stove to take away the chill of a winter’s day. It’s not surprising that just about every cuisine in the world has its own version. However, the best thing about a stew is, apart from the fact it tastes so good, it’s the budget smart cook’s best friend. Easy on the Cook Stews are one…

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    Buy It or Make Your Own

    During every trip to the supermarket I ask myself is it cheaper for me to buy that item already prepared or should I make my own. It’s not only money that I base my decision on, time plays a factor too. Here are some guidelines I’ve come up with and items I will and won’t buy already prepared. Time/Convenience If you’re short on time then opting for readymade makes perfect sense. One great example is potatoes, whether they’re mashed, oven roasted etc. I keep at least one package of each in the freezer or pantry. And the great thing is instant potatoes taste a lot better than they used to…

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    More Ways to Stretch Your Food Dollar (and some recipes)

    Entering the Grocery Challenge contest? Here are some more ways to help stretch your food dollar along with some recipes. Shop at the Drug Stores Don’t just think of the supermarket when you’re buying groceries. Sometimes you can get better deals at places like Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy. Friends with Memberships You might not want to pay $50 for a membership to a warehouse club but for this challenge ask if friends, family or co-workers if they do and stock up some pantry essentials. When I had a membership to Costco I found things olives, sun dried tomatoes and most cheeses were great deals. And if you want to make…

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