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    The Added Cost of Being on Auto-Pilot

      We all know being disorganized can cost us money. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rushed out to buy something I know I already own but can’t remember where I put it. I’m getting better at being organized but one thing that can also eat away at your budget is payments that are on auto-pilot. I’ve signed up for services, memberships to sites etc. without thinking about how payments are made during the second year. A couple of times I’ve been sent e-mails saying thank you for staying on as a customer for another year. But what, you say, I didn’t make a payment to you. In fact, I wanted to…

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    Web Site Shout Out-The Penny Hoarder

          Here’s a new feature I thought I’d start on Budget Smart Girl. A shout out to sites, people, products, whatever  I think you should check out for their great content or ideas. My first shout out is to The Penny Hoarder. How did I hear about this site? Someone named the penny hoarder became one of my followers, I followed them back thinking they were simply someone who was watching their pennies. I was wrong, wrong, wrong. It wasn’t until a few months ago that someone told me about the great site called The Penny Hoarder that I decided to check it out. Wow, I was impressed and…

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    Saving Money During the Holiday Season

    Thank you to the folks at www.cloudfreebies.co.uk for letting me print and share this article with you. It features tips from Natalie Cooper and Kez Richards. They offer tips for those based in the UK, but I think the advice is universal.   Two money-saving super mums have joined forces to share their money-saving knowledge and find ways to cut the cost of Christmas Groceries.   Frugal money saver Natalie Cooper and coupon and deals expert Kez Richards save on just about every aspect of their lives. They believe it is possible to save on everything from groceries to holidays and would never dream of spending a penny without first price…

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