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End of the Week Soup

Have leftovers, hate to toss them in the garbage but have no idea how to put them to good use?

I used to frequent a restaurant that always had vegetable soup on the menu. It always tasted different from the time before. Sometimes it would have beans in it, sometimes rice, but it without fail, it was delicious.

One day, I got up the nerve to ask why the ingredients were different each time I ordered it.

They let me into a little secret…it was their leftovers.

No, not food scraped off of plates that were returned to the kitchen but food they had a surplus of that week or maybe they’d ordered too much rice that week or month.

They had a basic recipe using stock, onions, herbs etc. but after that whatever was added was whatever was on hand that day.

Since then I’ve always followed that plan and I call it the end of the week soup.

With food prices rising rapidly, give this method of using leftovers a try.

Sometimes I keep what I know will go into the soup in a container in the fridge or sometimes on a Sunday morning, I’ll look though leftovers and see what will be perfect for soup. If you have enough you can enjoy it all week for lunches or even freeze it for future use.

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