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July Budget Smart Highlights

Hope your summer (or winter), is going well.

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost August. While I have achieved lots on my to do list, there’s still a lot I haven’t started to tackle. Two things I wanted to learn this year were making sourdough bread, did that, and finally, learn to use a pressure canner, got that achieved this month.

Have any of you been growing vegetables this year? The weather’s been hot with little rain which has been a drawback, and what has been growing has been enjoyed by rabbits. Well, at least something got some tasty treats.

Yesterday, I canned salsa. I like to think of salsa as a budget stretcher because you can jazz up things like eggs, and even plain old beans and rice. I also canned pickles for the very first time.

I’ve been getting lots of bargains from a company called Brandless. I’ve been a customer since the days when they sold food, which they no longer do, but recently bought some kitchen and cookware. Here’s a link to their site, and no, I’m not an affiliate but it’s one company that I think I might sign up to be. https://brandless.com/

I’ve been planning new classes and thinking about a writing newsletter for aspiring authors. I’m also thinking about switching to a new delivery system to reach subscribers to this site and my writing ones.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the money saving tips. One thing you should start thinking about is while you should be looking into ways to save money, you also have to think about ways to make money. Would anyone be interested in more focus on that? Leave a comment or you can reach me at budgetsmartqueries@gmail.com

Enjoy the last few days of July.

All the best, Susan.

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