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Eat It Up-A Review

Check out this review of Eat It Up by Sherri Brooks Vinton

Are you worried about wasting food, not just food, but food scraps?

I do my best to try and use as much of what I buy as possible. I think with food prices going up (what seems like weekly), that’s more important than ever before.

I found this book called Eat It Up by Sherri Brooks Vinton. It wasn’t just by chance. I’ve had a membership to Mother Earth News online courses for a year (side note here, I highly recommend it as it’s just $35 plus tax) and you can learn about things like gardening, canning etc.

Sherri has a great course there called Reduce Food Waste. After finishing it and gaining so much knowledge, I went looking for Sherri’s books. Yes, I bought all of them because I feel they’ll be a great resource for the future, especially as I do more preserving and canning.  One that really impressed me is her Eat It Up book.

Let’s just say it’s a treasure trove of ideas for those of us who hate to waste anything.

Sherri covers what to do with things like apple peels…yes, apple peels.  One thing you can do is make tea from them. And yes, I usually use broccoli stalks for stock and then put it in the compost bin, but she has a recipe for broccoli slaw. Remember those carrot tops that are either missing at the store or hang over the top of your grocery bag? You can make pesto from it.

And the tips don’t stop at produce. Sherri has a section called The Whole Beast. With meat prices rising, you’ll find lots of tips for using as the title suggests, the whole beast by making your own fats and stocks. The chapter I really like is titled Pantry which includes recipes for jam tea, blue cheese crostini, and even a dirty martini.

For me this book was a great investment in my resource library.

Here’s the link to Sherri’s site and links to all her books-


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