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Regrow Your Vegetables and Fruit

Did you know you can regrow some of the fruits and vegetables you buy?

I love the idea that you can buy something once and use it multiple times. I saw a video about how you can grow more food from scraps of foods, like lettuce, celery and green onions. I recently gave it a try and purchased a book on the topic which I’ve listed below if you want to check it out. I bought a pack of three romaine lettuces, set them in water for about a week until some new roots grew then planted them in some potting soil and have kept them in a sunny location. So far so good and the results I think are amazing considering it’s winter.

Next time you have some leftover scraps give it a try. Here are some links to sites tell you more about the process and what produce works best-



Here’s the link to the book I purchased-


Have you already given this a try and if so, was it a success? Leave a comment.

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