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Think Outside the Box-ASAP

Think outside the box and you’ll get ahead of the crowd.

I’ve posted a few times about thinking outside the box. I’ve thought of it as necessity but now I think it’s vital for your survival as an entrepreneur.

I’m spending many hours checking out sites where people sell things. Not physical things, but digital items. I know many of you reading this, sell digital items.

Digital items are great, no keeping inventory, no going to the post office, the customer gets their product as soon as they pay. It’s win win for everyone and it’s easy to get stared. In fact, you could start with zero dollars. That’s another good thing, but let’s look at the downside of these pluses.

Just about anyone can create a digital product, they can live anywhere and it costs nothing to do it.

Many years ago, we competed with people in our own community and/or country, but now you’re competing with everyone on planet earth.

Having done my research, I’ve seen the same products over and over again. Not only on one site but hundreds of sites. Selling the same thing as thousands of other people means one of two things. One, you have to lower the price, and two, you have to put time, effort and maybe money in order to get your name and products in front of potential buyers.

It’s sometimes the recipe for disaster. It either means making next to nothing or getting so frustrated that you give up your dream of being an entrepreneur.

Now it’s vital to think outside the box. Do your research to see what other people are offering. What can you do that’s different? What added bonus can you offer your customers that your competitors aren’t willing to do? Is there a product that isn’t being offered? Remember that entrepreneurs create things to solve problems. What sort of problems are people dealing with right now? What will be problems of the future?

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