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Money Mindset Makeover Challenge-Day 17-Apps

Creating an app might be easier than you think.

Have you ever thought about creating an app?

Today, I thought we’d focus on something that lots of people over look in their search for side gigs and ways to make money, and that’s creating an app.

I’ve heard about people who do just that and make lots of money. Once it’s made it’s also passive income. Like everything else, the key is to come up with an app for something just about everyone will need or want.

The one thing that’s prevented me from creating one is I’m not that tech savvy and to make an app you need to know how to code. I do know a few people who have paid others to create the app for them so that’s one route you could go.

I’ve also found another way and that’s app creating platforms. I haven’t tried any of them yet…I say yet because I’m going to give them a try later this year. They look simple to use and most are free to use…well, if you don’t mind ads on your app.

Here are three I’ve found so if creating an app or if you already have an idea but like me aren’t tech savvy, check them out. And if you do create one, be sure to let me know so I can promote it here for you.

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