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Money Mindset Makeover Challenge-Day 16-Five Platforms for Potential Side Gigs

We’re in the home stretch for our February Money Mindset Makeover.

How are you doing?

So far we’ve looked at net worth, money that flows into our accounts each month, and money that goes out. We also figured out things that can be cut from our budgets and finally thought about putting our talents and skills to good use by starting a business or engaging in some side gigs.

This week, it’s all about resources to help you decide on the perfect side gig. And remember that a side gig or a bunch of side gigs might eventually turn into a business, whether it be part or full time.

Today, let’s look at some art and design sites to check out. Lots of people immediately think of Etsy as their go to platform but I searched for some alternatives and came up with these five online platforms (stores). In the coming months, we’ll dive in deeper to each one of these but for now let’s use this as a starting point. Feel free to check them out, read their terms, see what’s involved and if you feel it’s a match for you and your products or potential products.

(If any of you already sell on any of this platforms, I’d love to hear your feedback and if you’d be willing to do an interview to help your fellow entrepreneurs while at the same time, promote your products, you can contact me at

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