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Money Mindset Makeover Challenge-Day 18-More Side Gigs

Do you have some expertise or like to do research?

While the three sites I’m giving you links to won’t earn you passive income, I think they’re still worth checking out.

The first one is how to become a notary. If you’re wondering what that is they’re the people who witness signatures, documents, and someone’s identity and are used for everything from financial documents to closing on the purchase of property. Each state has its own requirements and regulations. Some require you take a test while others don’t. I’m not sure how much they make and I’m thinking that maybe notaries set their own prices. Find out more at-

The next one is idea if you love researching stuff…facts, stats, you name it. Once again, not sure how much this pays, but if digging for answers is your thing then this might be for you-

The final one is putting your expertise to good use. Looks like people pose questions and you get paid to respond. They need everyone from computer techs to vets so just about everyone should be able to find something that matches your expertise and skills-

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