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Money Mindset Makeover-Day Seven-Make It Happen

What Three Steps Will You Be Taking?

Let’s round out this first week of the Money Mindset Makeover Challenge with actually doing something on the journey to making more money.

Yesterday, we brainstormed a list of passions, skills, experiences.

How did you do? What did you come up with?

Take a look at the list and spend today narrowing it down.

Sometimes something will jump out at you. Sit and think about what your heart is telling you to do.

I’ve found going on pure instinct has led me to the thing that I not only love, but eventually turns into a money making venture.

Pick out something and think about ways you can turn it into income.

Are you going to open a store?

Are you going to give lessons?

Are you going to make a physical product?

Spend an hour doing research and then write out three steps you need to take to turn this into a reality.

Once you have those three steps in place, make a commitment to act upon them.

Let’s get this idea started…

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