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    Money Mindset Makeover Challenge-Day 24- 5 Money Saving Sites

    Continuing with our money saving week. Here are five sites to check out that should help you with most of your money savings goals- This first one is an online calculator you can use to figure out all sorts of budget related things like savings, gas mileage…you name it. https://www.calculator.net/financial-calculator.html This next one is similar to the above but specifically keys in on mortgages. It lets you plug in the numbers and see how much you’ll pay for your mortgage and also how long it will take to pay for your home- https://www.amortization-calc.com/mortgage-calculator/ Ever wonder what’s the difference between accounts at certain banks or who is offering you the best…

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    Money Mindset Makeover-Day Seven-Make It Happen

    Let’s round out this first week of the Money Mindset Makeover Challenge with actually doing something on the journey to making more money. Yesterday, we brainstormed a list of passions, skills, experiences. How did you do? What did you come up with? Take a look at the list and spend today narrowing it down. Sometimes something will jump out at you. Sit and think about what your heart is telling you to do. I’ve found going on pure instinct has led me to the thing that I not only love, but eventually turns into a money making venture. Pick out something and think about ways you can turn it into…

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    Monday Motivation-Money Mindset Challenge Day One

    It’s day one of our money mindset makeover challenge. I chose this quote from Will Rogers because I think it gets straight to the point. Today think about the things you buy. Are they a want, a need, or just things you feel you must buy to compete with or at the very least, keep up with the Joneses?

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    28 Day Money Challenge

    Do you need to rethink your finances? Need to make a budget and finally stick with it? Save for a rainy day? Set up a source for passive income? If any of the above apply to you then get ready for the 1st annual Budget Smart Girl Money Makeover challenge that runs from Feb 1st-28th. 28 days to rethink your money mindset. We’ll focus on why we often fail when it comes to budgets and sticking with them. How to make your money work for you. We’ll look resources to help you with your money. Ways to save money. Ways to make money. I’m still planning this challenge as I…

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  • Friday Ramblings

    Friday Ramblings-Final One of 2020

    The final Friday Ramblings of 2020. I’ll be taking a two week break and will begin posting again on January 5th with our Monday Motivation. I said at the beginning of the year, I was going to get back to posting on a regular schedule and I’m happy to say I did just that. I also wanted to grow the site, and yes, that happened too. However, I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you to everyone who let me take part in your giveaways and promotions, especially April and Angela. Thank you ladies, and I’m looking forward to more collaborations with you in 2021. Thank you to all…

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    Friday Ramblings-Free Book Covers

    I’m using my ‘outside office’ to write this. Outside office translates into deck. I’m making the most of the just right temperature before tomorrow when there’s a heat advisory. High heat combined with humidity isn’t my thing so I make the most of the great outdoors while I can. It’s been a week of doing this and doing that. I’m taking part in a few more upcoming bundle giveaways, so I’ve been planning out those. I’m also close to finishing a new product for the BSG store. I’ll give you a hint, it’s for bloggers. I just signed up to become an affiliate for Maria Silvo’s newly created site Artsy…

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    What’s Your Relationship With Money?

    This week we’ve been talking about FIRE. Sometimes achieving financial independence involves changing the way you think about money. Sometimes we don’t know about the bad relationship we have with our money until some major setback happens and we realize we’ve been spending more than we earn or the savings account has just a few pennies in it. What better time to look at your how you view money than to take part in Angela of Laptop YOUniversity’s upcoming Money Master Challenge. Recently I asked her some questions about it and here’s what she had to say- BSG-How did you come up with the idea of the Money Master Challenge?…

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    Money Master Challenge and a Free Gift

    The key to financial freedom is being smart with your money. We all have our Achilles’ heel when it comes to budgets and managing our financial future. I was excited to see that Angela over at Laptop YOUniversity is offering another Money Master Challenge starting on August 3rd.  Over the course of 21 days you can take the money challenge which will help put you on the right track with regards to your money, your relationship with it, not only today but in the future too. I took the first challenge and have to admit, I raised my hand and said, yes, that’s me, I’m making those mistakes to many…

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