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How Prepared Are You?

If your computer crashed or a platform you sell on went out of business, are you prepared?

If 2020 taught us anything it was that everything can change and change quickly.

Have you given any thought to what would happen if the platform you sell your products on or the company that hosts your web site suddenly goes out of business, what you’ll do.

Panic shouldn’t be the first word that comes to mind. My late father always told me to have a back up plan for everything in life.

I’ve done my best to follow his advice but sometimes we get busy and sometimes we don’t see things coming as clearly as we should.

This week, let’s all make a list of things we need to do to have that back up plan safely in place.

Things like, always remembering to back up your files on an external drive each time you work on them.

If you store information on your computer or online, making sure you also have a hard copy of it just in case the power goes off or you have no Internet connection and need it to continue to run both your life and business.

Copying things like credit cards and driver’s licenses and storing the information in a secure place in your home.

Checking out alternative platforms and hosting companies so you could make a quick and easy switch should the need arise.

A favorite saying of lots of people is better to be safe than sorry. Don’t wish you’d done this and that after a crisis arises, but instead let’s be proactive. This week put being prepared on your must do list.

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