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What’s Your Relationship With Money?

This week we’ve been talking about FIRE. Sometimes achieving financial independence involves changing the way you think about money. Sometimes we don’t know about the bad relationship we have with our money until some major setback happens and we realize we’ve been spending more than we earn or the savings account has just a few pennies in it.

What better time to look at your how you view money than to take part in Angela of Laptop YOUniversity’s upcoming Money Master Challenge.

Recently I asked her some questions about it and here’s what she had to say-

BSG-How did you come up with the idea of the Money Master Challenge?

AW-The Money Master Challenge came shortly after I consolidated about $40k in past-owed taxes and other debts. I really wanted to remind myself of all the GOOD habits I knew of and challenge myself to do them so I never had to be in that position again.

BSG-What’s involved in taking part?

AW-Taking part is easy! We start on August 3rd. You show up and take action. Each task is assigned points so that we can have a gamified effort. There is a $50 cash prize for the person who wracks up the most points during the challenge. In case of any ties it will be awarded by random draw. There will be a pop-up Facebook group to support and encourage challengers.

BSG-What do you think is the biggest money challenge most of us face?

AW-I think the biggest money challenge is over-spending. We want what we want and we want it right now and the question of “can I truly pay for this?” doesn’t really come to mind because we have access to so many ways to pay with money we haven’t actually earned yet.

If you’d like to sign up for the Challenge, here’s the link and full disclosure, I get compensated when you sign up through this link. And as a way of saying thank you for doing that, and to help you keep track of all the great advice you’ll be getting from Angela, I’ll gift you a Budget Smart Girl Budget Planner. Just send proof that you registered to and I’ll get it to you.

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