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The Road to Financial Freedom Starts Here…

Did you see my email the other day about this great big bundle of awesome business and life products from digital marketers? These are marketers who are all members of the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity and they ROCK. Seriously.

These people are focused on building their own lifestyle freedom and they have skills and talents and offers to help you improve your business and life in many unique areas and ways. I’m talking about products on things like:

Geek in Your Pocket’s Guide to Upleveling Your WordPress Site by Renee Schupe of ($27 Value – FREE)

1,000 Ideas for Entrepreneurs and Creatives Ebook by Gael Wood of ($19.95 Value – FREE)

Newsletter Launch for Beginners by Antoinette Burrell of ($47 Value – FREE)

Onboarding Magic by Sharon Benson of ($37 Value – FREE)

Jump Start Your Book Marketing with Exciting VIDEO by Jeana Solomon of ($97 Value – FREE)

5 Ways to Repurpose PLR into Blog Posts by Mark Hunter of ($27 Value – FREE)

Suellen’s Tremendous Toolkit for Writers by Suellen Estes of ($77 Value – FREE)

“PLR Stash to Cash” Live Group Coaching Event by Melissa Brown of ($97 Value – FREE)

Create Your Book for Kindle by Bo Johnson of ($47 Value – FREE)

Gratitude Quotes & Prompts Social Graphics by Lori Winslow of ($27 Value – FREE)

Canva Workbook Template & Word Design Templates Combo Kit by April Lemarr of ($27 Value – FREE)

Stress-Free Launch: Promo Graphics Toolkit + LIVE Masterclass by Angelique Duffield of  ($50 Value – FREE)

How to Create Lead Magnets for Top-Performing Results (TEACHABLES PLR) by Mitzy Thompson of ($47 Value – FREE)

Infinite Idea Generation for Blogging and Content Creation by Clif Burrell of ($47 Value – FREE)

Look there is so much great stuff you might be a bit worried. You might be worried you’ll get so distracted, overwhelmed and just plain Shiny Object Syndrome yourself into an unproductive business. That’s not the goal.

Instead look at YOUR business and moving forward goals right now and pick a FEW products (I’d say no more than 3-5) to move your business forward. You only need ONE Product to make a big difference in your business and life and it’s rare you have a chance to pick and choose the product that works for you AFTER you download it… so take that opportunity now!

Here’s my affiliate link and I hope you’ll take this opportunity to put yourself on the road to success and financial freedom-

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