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Future Thinking Entrepreneurs

What will the world look like in six months, one year, two years? What will people be doing, what will they be needing?

It’s during uncertain times that we all need to think ahead and plan for your financial future.

I’ve always said smart people don’t think about today, they think way into the future and prepare for the what ifs life always throws at us.

As we head into April, let’s sit and think about what’s going to change.

Here are a few things I came up with-

Digital Future

I’m seeing lots of articles about people not wanting to handle things like cash and paper. I think that means less physical products like books, journals and planners, and yes, even the way people pay you for your products or services.


This is already huge but more people are going to get used to having everything delivered to them at home. While you might not want to start a delivery service, you could start a company that helps delivery services keep track of things like customer’s info or be a central business hub for lots of delivery services.

Health and Wellness

I’m seeing lots of articles about keeping fit, boosting your immune system and I think even people that took their health for granted might now have a different viewpoint. I’m guessing anything in this sphere is going to be big.

Digital Meetings and Workplaces

I’m also guessing companies are going to figure out not all their workers need to physically walk into the office every day. Working at home is going to be the new norm so think about a service that caters to them. Maybe act as a consultant to get them up and running.

And how about a consulting service for digital meetings and retreats? Lots of companies were left unprepared and I don’t think they’re going to make that mistake again.

Aging Population

Lots of articles have been pushing the fact that the world’s population is getting older. What service or product can you create that’s catered to their needs?

These are just a few ideas but sit and brainstorm. The world is always changing and it’s the people who can and are willing to change with it that will be the next set of successful entrepreneurs. I know you’re going to be one of them.

Talk again soon and remember to live the life you love.

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