Business Talk

Content Might Be King but…

Find a mentor or coach to help you on your journey.

They say that content is king but I also think knowing when to reach out for help is also equally regal.

Launching a business, stepping into the unknown is scary but you don’t have to do it alone.

Here are some ways you can access help and be on your way to success-


My mentor was my former boss who sadly passed away about 12 years ago. She took a chance on me, the girl who had no experience working in public relations. My degree wasn’t even in an area that even closely resembled the field of communications. She trusted I could do the job and slowly became my mentor (although she never knew it). I looked to her for guidance because truth was most of the time I had no idea what I was doing. She built my confidence and one day I was ready to spread my wings and fly.

Your mentor might already be in your life. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone and ask them questions, even ask if you can shadow them at their job or listen in on a sales call.

A true mentor has no problem with any of those things.


Sometimes it’s not so much knowledge that we need but that person who holds us accountable or gives us that pep talk. It’s also the person who’s been there, down that and they can guide you so you shorten the learning curve. I know some coaches that have coaches of their own. One on one coaching can be pricey but sometimes group coaching is affordable.

Small Business Administration

Nearly every city or suburb has a local Small Business Administration office where you can talk to (often retired) business people who were once top experts in their fields. Everyone from accountants, lawyers, and even some CEOs. They can help you with most anything you need to get a business up and running. Best of all, it’s free

Chamber of Commerce

I used to belong to my local chamber of commerce. It’s not only a great resource for networking but they often hold seminars and classes on different aspects of running a business.

Reach Out

Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone who’s running a business to see if they’d be willing to answer some questions. As I always used to tell my PR clients when they asked if they should reach out to someone in the media, they can only say no. Some people are flattered that you consider them an expert.

This week think about what you need to know, what questions you have, and find someone who can answer them or even turn to a mentor or signup for a coaching program.

Talk again soon, and remember to live the life you love.

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