New Year Resolutions for the Budget Minded

A happy New Year to everyone. I you all enjoyed the holiday season. Now it’s back to normal and being that it’s a brand new year articles about resolutions are everywhere. Most of them focus on losing weight and exercising but it’s the perfect time to think about money and savings ones too.

I’ve made a few, like throwing zero food away. I’m pretty good about it now but there’s still room for improvement.

I’ll also be making my own gourmet breads instead of paying almost $5 for a loaf I can make for a few dollars, even less…I’ve almost got the cheese bread down to an art!

I’ve attempted this one for the last few years but never got it into full swing…planting and starting a vegetable garden. One of my neighbors told me she’s going to plant one so maybe that will be the incentive I need.

I’m also going to look for more ways I can save, even if it’s a penny here and there as I always say it all adds up.

Here are some of my tips for sticking with money resolutions-

Don’t Start Just Yet

I’ve found if I try something out on January 1st I’m doomed to fail. You need time to adjust to the New Year and also get back into a normal way of life after the holidays. It’s better to put your plan into motion in say mid January or even February.

Start Small

Going on a money diet is a lot like a food diet, tell yourself you have to lose 30 pounds and when it doesn’t happen you give up. Instead of saying I’ll save $100 a month, try $20 or even $10. Once you’ve gained confidence and know you can do it, aim higher.

Don’t Go Too Cold Turkey

Once again it’s a lot like dieting, deprieve yourself too much and you’re soon back to eating fries and candy. Life, even when you’re on a budget is supposed to be fun, so don’t cut out everything that brings you joy.

Make It a Game

I’ve got into the habit of making coupon clipping and finding corresponding sale items a game I play every week for an hour or so. If it’s less of a task and more of a  fun couple of hours, you’re more likely to stick with it, not only for the first few months of the year, but always.

Get a Buddy

Most people are in the same situation now. Everyone is watching their money like never before so why not find someone to be your budget buddy. Maybe you can clip coupons together, carpool to a grocery store you’ve never been before, even cook budget meals together and swap recipes.

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Setbacks and failure are inevitable but that doesn’t mean you’ll never achieve your goal. Start over and figure out where you went wrong and how you can change things the next time around.

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