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    Friday Ramblings-Countdown to Christmas

    Hope you’ve had a good and productive week. I’m slowly getting ready for my Christmas break. I’ll be posting next week and finishing with a Friday Ramblings and won’t post again until January 5th when we’ll launch into a new year with more Monday Motivation. One thing I forgot to add to the list of things I have planned for BSG next year is monthly challenges. I thought about a January one, but there’s something about plunging straight into some new right after the holidays that spells failure. So, our first challenge of the year will be in February and will be a money mindset challenge. So, what will I…

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    Make Money From Your Site…not someone else’s

    Should you sell your products and services on someone else site? Less than a year ago, I would have told you, yes, but now I’m thinking the smartest entrepreneur puts their wares on their own site first, builds up traffic, grows the mailing list and then and only then, thinks about other people’s sites. Take e-books for example. Five years ago, I would never have thought about trying to sell any of my books on my own writing site. Okay, call me a lazy writer, but online stores like Amazon were bringing me in sales so I didn’t see the point of spending more time building a store. Even some…

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    Let’s Begin Blogging

    Thought about blogging as a way to make money or even a way to run your entire business? I know lots of people who make a comfortable living with their niche site. I’ll admit it’s probably not the sure bet for making money it once was. Too many people jumped on the blogging for bucks bandwagon making getting noticed harder. However, I still think given the right idea or theme, it’s a good way to make money or use to showcase your business. I’ve had some sort of blog for the last 15 years and you already know the story of how this blog came about. I won’t lie and…

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