Let’s Begin Blogging

Thought about blogging as a way to make money or even a way to run your entire business?

I know lots of people who make a comfortable living with their niche site.

I’ll admit it’s probably not the sure bet for making money it once was. Too many people jumped on the blogging for bucks bandwagon making getting noticed harder. However, I still think given the right idea or theme, it’s a good way to make money or use to showcase your business.

I’ve had some sort of blog for the last 15 years and you already know the story of how this blog came about. I won’t lie and say it’s an easy venture because it takes work and dedication. Consistency is the key, lose momentum and you lose out.

I told you I’d share my own experiences and I think by losing my own momentum, especially while there wasn’t so many competing budget sites around, cost me big time.

Maybe you too have a site that’s laid dormant for a while and thinking about reigniting it.

My first piece of advice…in fact, this is going to be your assignment for today. Think about your hobbies, what you love and what you’re passionate about. Don’t follow the money and pick something that’s the in thing. You’re going to get sick of it, find it hard to create content week after week and you’re going to give up. For example, I would never have considered a writing blog had I not been so passionate about it and helping others get published.

Don’t worry if you think your topic is something no one else will be interested in. That doesn’t matter. The main goal is to get it up and running, add content on a regular basis and find your audience. Going for the unique and usual is one way you can beat your competition. Think how many cooking site there are, or yes, as I found out, everyone was suddenly a budget expert. What are you good at, what would you love to share with the world? And yes, your site will be on the world stage. Brainstorm it out and then pick your site’s name and maybe jot down a few ideas for a month’s worth of content.

I know I said Tuesday was going to be for blogging but as we’re kicking off things with this one way to make money, Thursday’s business talk is going to be about domain names, how to get one for the best price and also hosting. While you’re starting out and learning the ropes you don’t want anything that’s expensive or too high of a learning curve that you’ll throw in the towel. So, on Thursday, we’re going to focus on that.

Talk soon and always remember to live the life you love.

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