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    Don’t Waste It- Five Ways to Use Leftover Bread

    I hate wasting anything….even more so now that prices are going higher. Besides keeping a loaf of store bought bread in the freezer, I make all my own bread. One downside is because it’s preservative free, it gets stale a lot quicker. Oftentimes, before the whole loaf is eaten. I’ve found lots of ways to put the stale bread to good use rather than throwing it away. If you’re faced with the same problem here are some ideas- Breadcrumbs Save money on breadcrumbs by putting pieces of stale bread in the blender or food processor and then put them in container or freezer bag and keep them in the freezer.…

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    Five Must Have Appliances for the Budget Smart Kitchen

    Since my teenage years I’ve been a collecter of cooking gadgets, appliances and utensils. However, if I had to narrow down five appliances that I would keep no matter what, these would top my list. I don’t think any budget smart kitchen should be without them- Slow Cooker Even when they went out of fashion I still used one. I now have two and thinking about adding a third one. I’ve used mine from everything from making mashed potatoes to apple butter. Most of the time I rely on them for soups and stews. They’re not expensive to buy, cost efficient to run, and once everything’s placed inside you can walk…

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    The Blog-The Lost Art of Breadmaking

    There’s one way to save money and that’s to make things from scratch. Cakes, pies, and yes, bread. One of my favorite splurges at the supermarket used to be their bread topped with cheese and sundried tomatoes, but since they raised the price by almost $2, I got to thinking I could make the same thing for half the price. I decided to pull out my bread machine and try my hand at making homemade bread. I’ve liked the results and just as I expected, making your own gourmet bread can shave some money off your budget. Friday was a busy day for me because my romance novel is released…

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