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    Friday Round Up-First Quarter Check In

    It’s almost spring, almost the end of the first quarter and a great time to look back at the first three months. What have you done to move one step closer to your dream life? This weekend sit down and do some journaling, write down what you what to achieve in the next nine months? I got most of my to do list taken care of this week. Currently being published is the Spanish edition of Fabulously Frugal-A 30 Day Money Makeover. I’ll let you know when it goes on sale. And would any of you like to know how you can get your books translated? Send me an e-mail…

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    Don’t Throw Them Away

    I love getting as much use out of stuff I buy as I can. My motto is nothing’s a waste of money if you use it wisely. You wouldn’t think vegetables fit into that category but they do. Each time I prepare a vegetable I keep the trimmings and pieces I don’t use in the recipe or meal. I use a freezer bag to put things like carrot peelings, onion roots, ‘ribs’ of kale, and anything that’s a little bruised into it. At the end of the week, I put them into a large pan, add water, a couple of bay leaves, some peppercorns and bring it to boil, then…

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    Last Day To Buy Your Content Creation Collection Toolbox and More Ways to Use the Content

    Yesterday, I posed three tips on using the content you’ll find in the spring version of the Toolbox that’s currently on sale. Here are a few more ideas- Create a Class People love learning new skills and gaining knowledge and it’s also a great way to pull in an audience. Problem is what do you teach? Putting together a class can also be time consuming…believe me when I say I speak from experience. But what if you could sort through a bunch of content and pull similar topics together and have ‘sort of’ a ready made class? Looking through the list of content in this toolbox, I see lots of…

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    Tips for Using PLR and Purchased Content

    Did you buy the spring toolkit last week and wondering what you can do with all the wonderful products you’ve downloaded? Here are three ideas for putting them to good use- Combine Them Have a bunch of planners and like pages from both product one and product two? How about merging the two to create a planner just for you (or if both products have PLR), selling them to your customers. Customize it to your own needs or those of your customers. For things like articles, how about combining them and even creating a giveaway for your audience. Your Own Take I often take a basic idea and then put…

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    Master Content Creation & Increasing Your Content Output

    Yes, it’s that exciting time of the year again? It’s the spring toolbox kit deal. Once again April has put together…I think it’s the best one yet, a toolkit that contains some of the best products I’ve seen. Lots of PLR content for your site or to help you grow your mailing list. Coloring pages, journals, courses, and even some gift cards. I can’t wait to check them all out. The best thing is if you bought them individually, you’d break the budget but starting today and ending on March 17th, you can get a whole bunch of these goodies for just $39,95. Here’s a small sampling of what you’ll…

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    Homemade TV Dinners

    I’ve had lots of requests to bring back posts with money saving tips and as everyone’s talking about rising food prices, I thought we’d make that the focus of this one. I’ve always hated wasting food. One way I use dinner leftovers is to eat them for lunch the following day. That’s one tip, but sometimes seeing the same food from one day to the next, makes it seems like your sacrificing something. Feel that way too often and it’s the quickest route to straying off your budget. Last year, I came up with something new and it’s to make your own homemade TV dinners. Not only are you using…

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    It Shouldn’t Be About Just Selling…

    Last week, we talked about affiliate marketing and the best way to pick and choose which products and services to sell to our list and subscribers. Today, let’s focus on one important aspect and that’s the subtle art of selling. In the ideal world everyone of your subscribers would click on the link you provide them and purchase something. It seldom happens but there are some ways you can at least up the odds of earning some affiliate income. Know Your Audience We also touched on this last week too. The better you know your audience, the better you can pick a product or service that your audience needs or…

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