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    The CCC Toolbox is Back!

    I’m excited to announce that you’re getting a second chance to grab a collaboration of 48 product creators to help you with your content – training, done-for-you products, tools, and resources. It includes my Self Publishing Toolkit Grab the Content Creation Collection for the low cost of $39.95 here’s the link, and yes, it’s my affiliate one and I will be compensated for your purchase- https://warriorplus.com/o2/a/zd9zt/0 Here are the other contributors and their products: Amanda Myers at Create Meow is offering the Sunflower Inspirational Quote Photos valued at $20.00 Angela Hobbs at Color My Agenda is offering the CMA Spring 2021 Special Bundle valued at $41.95 Lady Rayven Monique at…

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    Inflation-Be Budget Smart

    You can’t get away from the talk about inflation. How high will it go and how long it will last? Whatever the answer, bottom line is that goods and services cost more and therefore you have less money to spend on other things like maybe a vacation or putting money aside for that rainy day fund. Being budget smart is always about ways to get around obstacles, especially money related ones, so here are some tips to help take the sting off of inflation- Think Ahead Right now I’m trying to think one year, even two years ahead and figure out what I’ll need. Next question, is the product likely…

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    Best Buys for May

    It’s May, warmer temps and flowers and trees are in bloom and here’s a list of items that are best buys for the month- Home furnishings and most home goods….think pillows and vases. Pre Memorial Day, hotdogs and buns, paper plates and cups. Fridges, chest freezers. Mattresses Office furniture Any remaining winter clothes and winter related items In the supermarket look for lettuce, radishes, and rhubarb, Swiss chard and zucchini. You might also find strawberries and other berries being offered on buy one, get one free deals as a way to introduce the first crops of the season. (And on Thursday, (and somewhat related to this), the topic of my…

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    Friday and April Round Up-What’s Ahead in May?

    t’s the last day in April. Can you believe how quickly the month flew by? Did you get everything on your to do list done? I’m way behind on mine and one of the reasons for lack of posts here at BSG. I’m in the planning stages of a money mindset course I want to create and it’s taking longer than I thought. If you didn’t see my post about the change in e-mails, a reminder that if you signed up Feedburner which would have been between 2005-2013, that platform is going away. I’m trying to import everyone on the list to the new Mailchimp one but I think I…

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    Money Mindset Makeover April Check In

    It’s almost the end of April. Two months since the February Money Mindset Makeover Challenge. Did you follow along? Did you set yourself some goals? In June, we’ll do a three month check in to gauge how well we’ve done but as we move into that third month after the conclusion of the challenge, let’s do a mini review. Did you work on figuring out your assets and liablities? Figure out what some of your budget downfalls are? Look at ways to shave costs off your monthly expenses? Explore ways to bring in extra income? Is there anything you’re struggling with? If so, what resources do you need to access…

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    E-Mail List Update

    If you’ve been a subscriber of Budget Smart Girl since 2005 you probably signed up via Feedburner and receive posts via their delivery system. After the end of the month (April), this service will no longer be available which means you’ll no longer receive notifications and posts of anything that appears on the site. I do have the subscriber list and I’m hoping to import them to the system I now use which is Mailchimp via the Popup Builder but as you know techy stuff isn’t always easy for Ms. Non-Techy here so if you still want to continue receiving posts and notifications can you use the PopUp builder on…

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