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Can’t Find It or Can’t Afford It?


Empty grocery shelves, rising prices…

Just two problems we’re facing just about everywhere in the world.

Savvy savers have always found ways around high prices and here are some tips-

Don’t Be Loyal

I know lots of people who will only buy one brand and if it goes up in price they’ll still buy it or if the store runs out, no way will they switch to another brand.  Savvy shoppers aren’t loyal to one brand. If brand A goes up in price, they won’t hesitate to switch to Brand B. The same goes for stores. Don’t be loyal if prices start to go up. Shop elsewhere.

Know How to Substitute

Many times I’ve been in the middle of making a recipe when I’ve realized I don’t have one or two of the ingredients but I’ve always found something else I can use.

Is something you use every day, or every week going up in price? Check out these three sites that lists lots of items you can substitute-




Buy In Bulk

Sometimes buying in bulk lowers the unit price. If you can’t afford to buy say 24 cans of chicken, think about splitting the cost with someone else.

Wait It Out (some things go down and not up)

One way I’ve saved money over the years is to wait until the item goes on sale. Bookmark sites with items you want and keep checking daily.  Prices might be going up but on items that are less in demand they do go down.

Have a favorite substitution for something? Any tips on getting around shortages or price hikes? Leave a comment.

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