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    One Way to Give On Track

    Ever wished you had someone to help you reach your goals? Keep you on track and keep you motivated? In Tuesday’s post, I offered three ideas for staying motivated and now I’d like to offer a suggestion for another way to do just that. You might have already heard of accountability partners. Teaming up with someone else who also wants to reach a goal or milestone. You both help one another by cheering each other on, keeping track of one another’s progress, and yes, holding them accountable for what they said they’d do. Working for yourself, especially in the early days of entrepreneurship, is tough for one reason. You’re the…

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    2021-Staying Motivated

    Welcome to a new year. Hope everyone had a relaxing break and recharged ready to tackle your to do list. I often find stepping back into the role of entrepreneur/self-employed person, tough after any sort of break. Whether it be after the holidays or returning from a vacation. I think a lot has to do with the disruption of the rhythm or just a break from the habit you’d worked hard to create. Most entrepreneurs, even ones with a tone of great ideas, often have a tough time getting and staying motivated long enough to get things done. Even after two decades of working for myself, I still sometimes struggle…

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  • Monday Motivation

    Monday Motivation-Start Over

    It’s the first Motivational Monday of a new year which means you get to start over. Make a wish, set your goals, make a list of must do’s. Forget last year and any failures or false starts you had. This is 2021 and it’s going to be your year!

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