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2021-Staying Motivated

Welcome to a new year. Hope everyone had a relaxing break and recharged ready to tackle your to do list.

I often find stepping back into the role of entrepreneur/self-employed person, tough after any sort of break. Whether it be after the holidays or returning from a vacation. I think a lot has to do with the disruption of the rhythm or just a break from the habit you’d worked hard to create.

Most entrepreneurs, even ones with a tone of great ideas, often have a tough time getting and staying motivated long enough to get things done.

Even after two decades of working for myself, I still sometimes struggle with getting into first gear on a project.

This year I’ve set myself the goal of getting at least two classes loaded to my sites every month. I sat down yesterday with every good intention of working all day on the first class but quit after a few hours. I know it’s a new year, first day back to work, but I struggled.

You might be having that post holiday struggle too so here are some things I think about and they’ve often helped me get through a rough spot-

Don’t Panic

The worst thing you can do is stray into panic mode. Not only does it make the situation worse but it can make you anxious, up your stress level and then the whole thing snowballs out of control. You might even end up getting sick. Just ask yourself what’s the worst thing that can happen if you don’t work a full eight hours on the project? I always tell myself, it’s okay because tomorrow’s another day.

Be Easy On Yourself

Blaming yourself or getting angry hurts more than helps. There are days when we don’t have that much energy or can’t stay focused. It’s what’s called being human.

Know You’re Not Alone

I know if I throw out this question…do have days when you don’t feel motivated enough, the majority of you are going to nod your head or utter the word, yes. Don’t ever think that it’s just you who’s struggling. We all get days when we can’t stay focused enough or muster up enough motivation to get the job done. It’s called life.

In Thursday’s post, I’ll be telling you about another thing that’s a boost to your motivation.

‘See’ you then.

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