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What Did You Learn Last Week?

Week two of learn something new each day.

Following along?

It’s not too late to start. In fact, my motto is it’s never too late to start anything.

If you have been following along, do you want to share with us what new skills or knowledge you’ve acquired?

Last week, I focused on learning how to make homemade shampoo bars…love those things but the price is high. I also watched a tutorial on making your own air fresheners, and one on making lip balm.

Also, on my list was making mug cakes. I love baking but I have to be honest if I make a whole cake, it’s a too big of a temptation to have it sitting there looking at me each time I go into the kitchen. An easy solution, a mug cake with one serving. I tried to make the healthy version and tried one with no white sugar or flour. It wasn’t great but then again, it wasn’t bad.

Still left on my learn to to list, fixing torn window screens and formatting books for print over at Nook and Lulu.

Where have I been finding all the tutorials? YouTube.. just put whatever you’re looking for in the search bar and you’ll get no end of options. In fact, beware because you can fall down the learning rabbit hole and before you know it an hour’s flown by.

What am I learning today? I’ll be heading over to Angela’s Membership Impact course.

How about you, what are you going to learn today?

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