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Black Friday Countdown Begins

Ready for Black Friday?

We’re now about four weeks away from the biggest shopping day of the year.

Thought about the three products you’re going to create for your own Black Friday sale?

Just think, all it takes is one product per week, and then a final week polishing and refining them and then you’re all set.

I worked on my self-publishing product this week, next week, it’s going to be the promotion tool kit, and week three, well actually, I’ve changed to a self improvement tool kit.

Remember your sale product doesn’t have to be a physical one, it could be digital like mine, or it could be a coaching service, or even a membership you’re going to start for your customers.

That leads me nicely to something I’m excited about and it’s Angela Wills new Membership Impact training program…what better timing right?

I’m thinking about adding membership packages to this site and my writing one so I can’t wait for this training to begin to learn from someone who’s knows all about running a successful one.

I know you’re going to love it too so Angela send this along so I could tell you who it’s for, what you get and what to expect from the training so here we go…

The Membership Impact is perfect for:

✔️ Health coaches

✔️ Yoga instructors

✔️ Virtual Assistants

✔️ Bookkeepers

✔️ Business Coaches

✔️ Speakers

✔️ Authors

✔️ Social Media Managers

✔️ Website Designers

✔️ Intuitive Healers

✔️ Hypnosis Practitioners

✔️ Content Creators

✔️ Graphics Designers

You’ll learn…

How to determine the type of membership to start based on your goals and lifestyle needs.

How to know when you’re ready to start a membership site

Launching your membership site.

Types of content that adds value to a membership site and how to decide where to start.

How to build in member engagement and participation right from the start, ideas that work.

Stats to look for and understand in your membership site.

What you need to have in place to run a membership site (tools, software, etc).

Membership site content delivery – ideas, suggestions, tips.

Ideas for onboarding new members so they love you from day 1.

Keeping members active, engaged and getting value long-term.

How to grow your membership site.

Advice for tricky situations in memberships – ex. unruly members, changing offers, etc.

How to keep yourself engaged and excited to deliver so your membership has impact!

A membership package would be a great product to launch during the Black Friday sale,. Take this course to learn everything you need to know to run a successful one that customers will love.

Here’s what you’ll get in Membership Impact:

Printable Workbooks that give the steps to membership creation and some sections to brainstorm and work through as you build your membership.

Resources for your memberships – Checklists, Templates, Processes, etc.

Training presentations for each step of the process – This training will be in video. Audio versions will be available for on-the-go learning.

Private Customer Feedback & Question area – Each section of the training includes a feedback, progress and questions area where you are happily encouraged to discuss the course, lessons and interact. You’ll get Angela’s full and detailed attention here! I’m dedicated to making this the best learning experience for you.

Bonus materials – Angela’s got some fun bonus materials planned for you including an interview with a successful membership site owner and walk-through training of the software she uses to run her own membership.

The best thing about membership packages is you sell them once and then it becomes passive income!

Angela will be increasing the price to $225 once the course has launched but right now you can sign up for $170 or six payments of just six payments of $35.

Here’s the link to sign up-

In full disclosure, the above is my affiliate link and when you use it and make a purchase, I’ll be compensated.

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