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Be Flexible When Working From Home

Always Have A Full To Do List

Today’s the perfect example of learning to be flexible when you work from home.

My to do list included getting at least one new class recorded.

I was all set, ready to plug in my microphone when…wait, what was that noise?

Hammering, guys talking…

I’ve worked in my home office for close to twenty years. My neighborhood used to be the quietest place I’ve ever lived. Fast forward to the last few years, especially this year, and things have changed. Not only have more neighbors begun to work remotely and think it’s a great idea to make their sales calls with their windows wide open, but it seems like everyone’s had more time on their hands to do stuff like drill, hammer or run machinery. The microphone I use picks up the least little sound even if it’s outside and and being the non-techy person that I am, I can’t figure out how to edit them out.

This morning reminded me that things change, life changes, and my once pristine home office environment is now history.

I have to accept the fact that I must adapt. I’ll have to record classes early in the morning before others start their work day.

Moral of this post, have back-ups on your to do list. Never get to the point where if something goes wrong, someone you were intending to interview is a no show, or the power goes out, (or people start hammering), you have lots more to do and you never waste a day or worse still, lose money.

In fact, over extend your to do list. I’m happy to say that I actually have more on mine than time to do every chore, so in a way it’s worked out perfectly.

(Another moral of the tale, always look for the silver lining!)

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