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New Skills-Faster Financial Independence

Is there a new skill you’ve been eager to learn?

I guess you’d call me lucky because I’ve always been eager to learn new things and acquire new skills. In fact, I think I’d be bored if I didn’t. It’s served me well, not only for hobbies but for business too. From writing to self publishing and beyond, I’ve adapted to the ever changing world.

It’s not always been easy. Some things have might a huge learning curve for me to climb and conquer but once you get over that mountain, things get a whole lot easier and clearer.

I like to think that learning new skills is essential for financial independence.

For example, the more you can do for yourself, the less money you have to spend on hiring someone else to do it for you. I’m amazed how many people in the neighborhood have a service cut their grass every week or add fertilizer. I sometimes wonder why I pay $6 for artisan bread when I can bake it myself.

Learning a new skill can also lead to more money. Money that you can save for your early retirement fund or to pay off debt so you can quit your job. New skills can also lead to a side gig that you love and that you can do after your reach financial independence. For example, making jewelry or even showing others how to cook certain foods. Things you’d do even if no one paid you!

It’s also something to fall back on should you lose your job. Skills look great on resumes and who knows your newly found skill can turn into a business you can launch.

Best thing is sometimes learning this new skill is free. I learned how to add a clickable tablet of contents for my e-books through watching someone on YouTube. Also, Google the topic you want to explore and see what pops up and one site I always check out is

This week, think about what skill you’d like to learn or acquire and take the first step to doing something about it.

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