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Do You Know How You’re Going To Make Money?

My post the other day was centered on finding your passion?

The next thing you need to figure out is how you’re going to channel it into something that makes you money.

Are you working a full time job and thinking about taking a side gig? Or do you want to quit your job and take the plunge and launch your own business?

Maybe it’s a bit of both things, you’ll continue to work at your job and launch your own business that you’ll pursue in the evening and at weekends.

Are you going to put a hobby to good use. Maybe you make sweaters or clothes that you can sell online. Perhaps you’re an artist and you’re going to begin making cards to sell on platforms like Etsy.

Or it could be you’ve worked for years in consulting and you’re thinking about being a freelance consultant to other business. Maybe coaching is more your thing.

Brainstorm and write down your talents and what you love doing best and use this as your starting point while you explore which direction you want to go.

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