Places to Sell Unwanted Items

I”m gearing up for a late spring/early summer garage sale. Yes, they’re a good way to get rid of unwanted stuff while making some extra money but there are online options too. Some places you can sell things like clothes and shoes, while other sites are strictly for swapping things like books and CDs. Either way you get money or stuff you really need while clearing out your closets.

Here are some sites I found that you might want to check out. I’ve not used all of them and as usual a word of caution, check out the rules, the terms and conditions before you do business on any site. I’ve been lucky so far. The only thing I’ve lost were points I traded in for some books that I never received.


I’ve been subscribing to this newsletter for a couple of years and if you’re going the selling route it has lots of helpful articles-


Auction Site

You’ve heard of eBay, this is also a bidding site-


 More Sites to Check Out-

Here are other sites I found and some don’t charge you for using them-





Unwanted Clothes, Shoes, Purses…

Here’s a site for fashions. I’ve listed items here and so far sold one. Once again no charge for buying or selling.


The Next Best Thing To a Garage Sale

I stumbled upon this site a few week’s ago and I haven’t used it yet but seriously thinking about listing some items there. Seems you utilize Facebook and Twitter to attract viewers-


Children’s Clothes and Toys

I don’t know a mom out there who doesn’t want to get rid of your children’s clothing at some point and this site helps you do just that-


Books and More

Once upon a time I let previously read books sit on the shelves. Not the smartest of things for an avid reader because you quickly run out of space. For the last three or more years I’ve been swapping and trading them on various sites. Here are some to check out-




Auction Tools

I’ve found the most time consuming thing is taking photos and then listing all the items but some sites have auction tools to speed up the process, here’s one I found-


You Don’t Have to Be A Seller

These sites are also a good way to pick a bargain or two. Just like new items it pays to do some reasearch. If I find something I’m interested in I’ll do a search online to see if other sites or buyers are offering it and check out the going price. Another thing, check out the seller’s feedback before you do business with them.

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