Ten Ways to Eat Organic Foods on a Budget

I have to say if I had my preference I’d opt to buy organic produce but sometimes the prices are twice as much as the regular variety. However, I have found some ways that you can buy organic foods even when you’re watching your money.

Local Farmer’s Market

Spring is here and summer’s just around the corner which means more farmer’s markets setting up shop for the year. These venues are some of the best places to buy organic produce and even other organic food items like honey. Best thing is the vendors are willing to give you a deal and you can buy in bulk and save more money.

Community Supported Agriculture

For an investment to a local organic farm you get produce delivered every week or biweekly. Check out www.localharvest.org/csa/

Bagged Produce

I’ve found that companies who sell organic foods in bags tend to offer better deals for  things like apples and kiwis.

Warehouse Stores

I used to have a membership at Costco and when I did one thing I really liked was the variety and price of their organic foods. Everything from field greens to apple juice.

Pick Your Own Farms

You’ll have to wait unti almost the end of summer to take advantage of this one but head to one of your local pick your own farms. You’ll sometimes find organic produce like strawberries and raspberries at lower prices because you do some of the work.


Supermarkets aren’t the only places to buy organic foods. I’ve found some good deals at places like Vitacost http://www.vitacost.com/ and Amazon www.amazon.com

Supermarket Brands

The store where I do the bulk of my grocery shopping has its own brand of organic foods. They taste great and sometimes aren’t that more expensive than their regular items. Everything from pizza to pasta sauce.

Grow Your Own

One of the cheapest ways to afford organic foods is to grow your own. Last year I grew organic peppers and tomatoes. You can either start them from seed or buy the plants. Two companies to check out are www.seedsofchange.com and http://www.gardensalive.com/search.asp?ss=seeds&x=16&y=5 But just about every DIY store now sells organic seeds and the prices aren’t as high as they were a few years ago.


One reason I take a trip to the local co-op is because of the great choice of organic foods. Something always seems to be on sale and once again if opt for bagged produce like apples and pears you can net a great bargain.

Bulk Bins

Head to the bulk bin section of the supermarket and you can always find some organic items for half the cost. Some of my favorites are organic oatmeal, beans and dried fruits.

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