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Top 5 Tips For a Green Kitchen

The folks at Noble Juice sent me these tips and as they’re a great way to save money too, I thought I’d pass them along to you-

COMPOST – Nearly 75 percent of all waste in landfills can be recycled
according to earth911.com, and kitchen waste is a huge culprit. Consumers can even purchase juice and water in compostable bottles if you know where to look. Noble Juice (www.noblejuice.com) is available in a 100 percent compostable, plant-based bottle that does not contain petroleum like typical plastic bottles! Readers can do their part for the environment – and their garden – by composting organic kitchen waste. Home composting kits are readily available online and ensure your kitchen waste is turned into rich fertilizer without pests or unpleasant smells.

SEEK OUT ORGANICS – Organics are better for consumers, and for the
environment. According to a recent LOHAS study organic fruits and vegetables use 30 percent less energy to produce and organic production helps tie carbon up in the soil, helping to lessen the impact of agriculture on global warming. Beyond environmental reasons, the same study shows that organic fruits and vegetables are higher in antioxidants and flavonoids than their conventional counterparts.

GREEN YOUR GROCERIES – What’s more important to a kitchen than food? Next
time you go grocery shopping, take a reusable bag with you. Use a cloth bag or re-use a plastic bag that you have at home. Not only will you ensure that the plastic bags don’t wind up in the landfill or on the side of the road – you are also saving petroleum. Did you know you could drive a car one mile with the amount of gas it takes to make 14 plastic bags?

DITCH DISPOSIBLES – Paper plates and towels are convenient but waste
enormous amounts of paper. Instead, ditch the disposables and use cloth towels and re-usable plates.

APPLIANCE SMARTS – Readers can save energy – and money — by making sure
appliances run efficiently. Refrigerators should be set between 38 and 42 degrees as setting them too cold wastes energy. Only run the dishwasher and washing machine when they are full to help save energy as well. Use Energy Star appliances, which are appliances that have been government certified energy efficient. In 2005, Americans using Energy Star appliance saved
emissions equivalent to 23 million cars!

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