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    How You Save and Budget

      Summer isn’t officially over yet but the summer budget makeover is drawing to a close on Saturday. If you remember back in late May I set a challenge to myself (and to you too), to monitor and track your spending over the next three months. I’ve figured out that if I’m saving toward a specific goal I do much better than if I tell myself to just put aside money for savings. I also found out that when I do spend money, 90% of the time it’s on something I think will make me money somewhere down the road. Not a bad thing but now I have to see if I’m…

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    February…a great month for savings

    February is a great month for not only love but savings too. Here are some tips from Georgine- Love is in the air in the month of February! Valentine’s Day brings out the best deals in flowers, cookies, and candy of course, but there are surprising specials on other types of gifts so you don’t have to stretch your wallet to its limit such as an Apple iTunes gift card is reduced by 15% from Best Buy. Don’t forget sexy lingerie, love songs and romantic DVDs are sure to please and fragrance is also a sure bet. Hallmark has a special coupon for a buy 1 card get 1 free,…

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