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    Five Must Have Ingredients (that save time and money)

    All weeks seem busy but last week for some reason was hectic. Although I love to be in the kitchen, some days even I hate the thought of going in there to cook dinner. I’m gradually coming up with some shortcuts. I wasn’t thinking about saving money as I put them into practice but now I realize some can shave off a few pennies here and there- Flavored Mashed Potatoes When I make bangers and mash (that’s sausages and mashed potatoes in non Brit speak), I always like to serve caramelized onions on top of the potatoes. However, last week, the thought of peeling, slicing and then cooking onions had little…

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    It’s Meatless Monday-Tofu and Mushroom Stew with Herbed Mashed Potatoes

      About this time of the year I begin craving soups and stews. However, I’ve often found vegetarian stews to be lacking in flavor and substance. My goal for this recipe was to have a thick flavor packed gravy that would cling to a comfort food like mashed potatoes. The key is three ingredients and one cooking technique. Slow cooking of the vegetables and then tomato paste, soy and Worcestershire sauce…and yes there is a vegetarian Worcestershire sauce. I used already cubed tofu that you can buy just about anywhere now but regular block tofu works too, just cut it into bite size cubes after it’s been through the usual…

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    The Blog-Leftover Mashed Potatoes…

    I hate wasting food and sometimes I find a container of leftover mashed potatoes sitting in the fridge. I usually just reheat them for another meal, but the other week I put them to better use. While we were sorting through my mom’s pantry, we found lots of cans of salmon. Yes, salmon makes great sandwiches, but combine it with leftover mashed potatoes and you have salmon fishcakes. A delicious meal that doesn’t cost that much. Best of all, they use ingredients you have sitting around the house. I combined a 15 ounce can of salmon with the mashed potatoes…I had about two cups. I added a tablespoon of fresh…

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