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    It’s Meatless Monday-Sweet Potato and Black Bean Risotto (Plus Arancini)

    There’s nothing I like better than cooking once and eating twice. It’s saves time and money and I think this week’s Meatless Monday double feature fits the bill. The first dish is a risotto and using leftovers you turn it into a tasty treat that’s great as a meal when combined with a salad, or even an appetizer for the upcoming holiday season. I used canned chipotle peppers. They’re hot so a little goes a long way and leftovers I keep in a container in the freezer and use when needed. For the Risotto 1 cup Arborio rice 4 cups vegetable stock 1 medium size sweet potato cut into small…

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    Fresh, Frozen or Canned?

    One section of the supermarket with steadily rising prices and yes, less than top notch quality is the produce department. So should you ever feel guilty about opting for frozen or even canned veggies? Most health experts say as produce is usually frozen or canned as soon as it’s picked we shouldn’t worry too much because the vitamin and mineral content remains intact. I have to admit I used to feel really guilty if I relied on too many frozen and canned vegetables, but seeing how some of the produce doesn’t look that great I now base my decision on the following- Buying in Season Wouldn’t it be great if all…

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    How Not to be a Boring Cook

    I have to admit I enjoy eavesdropping. A few weeks ago I heard a lady complaining to her friend about how tired she was of cooking and eating the same meals day after day. It’s not only people who are trying to stay within a budget that get bored, but it happens to everyone at some point. We get busy so we reach for our favorite standbys or we get stressed and make the same comfort foods. When we’re on a budget there’s a tendency to go around the store in automatic drive putting the same old boxes of this and that into the cart instead of taking a chance on something new. Every so often I find myself…

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    Why A Budget Smart Cook Loves Stews

    When the temperature dips there’s nothing better to eat than a bowl of hearty stew. It’s comfort food at its very best. Meat, vegetables and a savory liquid that are simmered together for hours on top of the stove to create a meal to take away the chill of a fall or winter day. It’s not too surprising that just about every cuisine in the world has its own version. But the best thing about a stew is, apart from the fact it tastes so good, it’s the budget smart cook’s best friend and here’s why. Great Cooking Skills Not Required Stews are one of the easiest of dishes to…

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