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    Friday News You Can Use-$5 Meals

    It’s Friday and the last Friday of February. I hope you had a wonderful week and found money saving bargains. Based on your feedback, (and I’ve had lots of e-mails me asking for articles about saving money at the grocery store, so here’s what I came up with this week. Budgeting Tips from The Penny Hoarder https://www.thepennyhoarder.com/budgeting/budgeting-tips/ Fight High Grocery Prices  And from another one of my favorite money related sites, The Dollar Stretcher. You can always count on them for excellent articles and ideas so go check them out- Tried-and-True Tools for Fighting High Grocery Prices (thedollarstretcher.com)  $5 Meals And I found this YouTube Channel-Julia Pacheco, who has lots…

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    The Budget Smart Cook Gets Sneaky

    I’ll be the first to admit some budget foods aren’t the most appealing items on the supermarket shelf. There are only so many ways you can serve ground beef or tuna. But don’t give up on the low cost foods just yet. One way you can stretch your food dollar and perk up your taste buds is to maximize flavors. Here are some sneaky ways a Budget Smart Cook can add flavor to foods, and turn bland into gourmet. Herbs and Spices One cheap and easy way to add flavor to everything from, meat to veggies is to use herbs and spices. Fresh herbs will soon be hitting the produce…

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    What Do Those Food Labels Really Mean?

    When you shop for groceries do you ever take the time to read the label before you put an item into your cart? With food prices going sky high it’s more important than ever to get the best return for your food dollar. Food labels aren’t always the easiest things to figure out, but be sure to check out the following- Just The Facts The Nutrition Facts section on a product is easy to spot. It’s usually enclosed in a box and tells you what a serving size is, plus, things like the number of calories, sodium, cholesterol, etc. You’ll also find information about vitamin and mineral content. So how…

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