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    What Have You Learned So Far?

    It’s day three of Learn Something New Every Day Challenge? Learned anything useful? Something that could save you money, make you money, or something that’s just plain fun? Here’s what I have so far. On Sunday, I learned to make tempeh bacon. Turned out pretty good although I did have to double the marinade and I think next time around I’ll add something with a little more kick to the ingredients. This was in my save money category because if you know anything about vegan food, especially the ‘fake’ meat type products, they’re expensive. While I was looking for a recipe, I think I fell down the learning something new…

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    Cutting Down on Ready Made Foods

    March means St. Patrick’s Day which always makes me think of my grandmother who was from County Cork. I’ve been paging through cookbooks figuring out what I’m going to make this St. Patrick’s Day to celebrate my Irish heritage. I’ve found recipes for dishes like colcannon and Irish soda bread. Aside from trying to recreate the foods my grandma grew up eating, I’ve been thinking about the approach her generation took toward preparing a meal.  Nothing came prepackaged and they shopped for fresh local produce every day. Besides being healthier, my grandmother’s generation probably saved a whole bunch of money too. It seems supermarkets aren’t just about food any more but…

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