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    Friday News You Can Use-More Budget Meals

    It’s Friday already and time for news you can use. Stretching your food budget is a concern for many people right now so I thought for this week, I’d find three sites that focus on budget meals. This first site, is one of my favorites. I have Beth’s cookbook…highly recommend it. https://www.budgetbytes.com/category/recipes/ This site lets you pick how much you want to spend per meal which I think is a great feature- And finally, Taste of Home. These recipes look delicious and it’s hard to believe they’re budget friendly. I think I’ll give some of these a try and post a review on my food and cooking site www.cookinggrubhub.com  and…

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    Portion Control-One Way To Be Budget Smart

    A couple of things got me thinking about one easy way to make your food dollar stretch even further, eating less. I don’t mean starving yourself to save money, but simply cutting back on the portion sizes. There’s been lots of media coverage about this topic. Most of us eat more calories than we actually need, and hence, pack on the pounds. And restaurants serve us portion sizes that could easily feed two people. The two things that got me thinking about this topic were, one, I was sent this very interesting article ‘Lose Weight and Eat Well on $6 a Day’. And the second thing was that last weekend…

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    Oh No, Not Carrots Again!

    One day I was in the middle of making dinner when I realized I was preparing carrots and broccoli. That shouldn’t sound too alarming. After all, they’re good for us. However, the scary thing was I’d served those same two vegetables almost every night that week. I only hoped that no one else had noticed how repetitious dinner had become. It’s all too easy to fall into a routine of cooking the same foods and making familiar dishes that we could throw together while wearing a blindfold. And nothing shouts budget food more than serving the same old, same old, over and over again. My epiphany that day made me…

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