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    Money Saving Tip-The Price Book

    Do you know if the price of say a quart of milk has gone up in price? How about how much you paid for gas last month.? Or that hair color three months ago? Sometimes we have a vague idea that something’s gone up in price but to be sure, why not keep a price book. It doesn’t have to be fancy, something from the dollar store will do. Write down all the things you buy and include services and memberships and make a note of the current price. When you go to buy that same thing or service in say a month, check on the price. If it’s going…

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    December Best Buys

    The last month of the year and here are items to look for- Gift Cards, if you’re buying someone else a gift card, look for deals where you get additional cards that you can use yourself or use for more gift giving this holiday season or even for someone’s birthday in 2022. Tools, do you have a DIY project for the New Year or know it’s time to replace the older screwdrivers or drills? Now is the time to snag a deal. Christmas Items, yes, you can get deals even before December 25th but wait until the 26th and you can save big time. Toys and Games, I remember Christmas…

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    The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to Ways to Save Money this Fall

    I’m always just a little sad to see summer coming to an end. But if you start thinking like a true Budget Smart Girl, there are plenty of things to love about the beginning of fall. Autumn can mean plenty of ways to save money. Here’s how- Grab the Last of the Summer Bounty I’m still seeing the produce department at my local supermarket brimming with items like corn, beans, tomatoes, herbs. Plan ahead and turn them into salsa, sun dried tomatoes, and yes, even soups. Grab the Fall Produce September means the beginning of apple season and once again think ahead to meals for the colder days that are…

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    The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to Garage Sales

    It’s garage sale season again. You might be the buyer or even the one holding the sale. Either way, here are some tips for successful bargain hunting or selling. For the Buyer Scout the Papers Most people place ads in their local newspapers the week before their actual sale date. This gives you plenty of time to look through the listings and see what’s being offered and if it’s even worth the drive to the neighborhood. If anything does catch your eye, make a note and plan your route starting with the most promising sale first. Don’t Impulse Buy I’ve done this myself and it’s tempting…buying items you don’t really…

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