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    The Blog-Sometimes Bargain Items Are Awful

    Last week I learned a valuable lesson that not everything that’s a budget price is that great. Last month I bought a pack of eight rolls of toilet paper that were on special at the supermarket. It wasn’t until last week we started to use them and my husband was the first to complain. I quickly agreed that it was the worst toilet paper I’d ever seen. It looked fine on the roll but proved to be just one ply and so thin if you held it up to the light you could see through it. You’d have to use twice as much paper as other brands and hence save no money. Lesson learned, stick with…

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    The Blog-A Week of Deals

    Last week the writing community was buzzing with news about a product called the Fly Fusion pen. You write with it then connect it to your computer and it downloads what you’re written straight into a word document. This sounded like a dream come true for me. Most of the time I use my laptop, but sometimes when the muse strikes while I’m watching TV, I’ll start writing in a notebook. Problem is I have to spend time typing my notes into the computer. This pen sounded very tempting so I went to the Web site and discovered it was originally $79.99 now marked down to $19.99. Had I read…

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    How to Never Pay Full Price Again!

    Yes, wouldn’t it be great if you never had to pay full price for anything ever again? Well, there’s a way and it’s thanks to sites like the one I’m about to tell you about. Karen Hoxmeier is the mastermind behind a Web site called www.mybargainbuddy.com I recently chatted with her to find out about the site and how Budget Smart Girls can use it to get the best deals on everything from kids clothing to dresses for that special occasion. Budget Smart Girl (BSG)-When I read your bio it seems you’ve always been a Budget Smart Girl. Is that true and is that how the Web site got started?…

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