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The 30 Days of Learning Continues

We’re half way though November and the learning something new each day continues?

How are you doing and what have you learned? Anything fun? Anything that’s going to save you money? Have you acquired a skill that could make you money by turning it into a side gig or even a business?

Still on my to learn list, is making vegan cheese…I ordered all the ingredients and it’s on this weekend’s things to do list. There are a couple of brands I like but they are pricey so I think if I can figure out how to do it myself, I’ll save money, even after buying all these ingredients.

I’m also thinking about making sourdough bread. Never tried it before but I did take a class on the whole process earlier this year and I might give it a try.

Some of you have told me you’ve been learning the meaning of different words each day or even learning to spell those words that make even the best of spellers stumble. Others said you were learning SEO and figuring out how to use plug ins on your newly created site.

Congratulations, I know it’s going to pay big time. I’m currently reading a book that said the more you learn the more you earn so if that’s not an incentive, I don’t know what is.

And before I say close, Angela has a few more upcoming classes that I know will interest you and here’s what she has to say about each one…

1. Turn Ideas to Offers, FAST: $30 until Thursday, then $50

This program will walk through my entire process of setting up an offer for sale in just a few hours. You get a full training recording, workbook, and audio for immediate download.

2. MEconomy – Open until Friday: $260 or 10 payments of $30

It’s all about creating an income that survives ANY economy while you create your own me-economy.

In full disclosure, these are affiliate links and I get compensated if you buy anything using them.

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