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Writing a Non-Fiction Book To Gain Authority, Grow Your E-Mail List…

I should add to the title of this post and earn passive income.

I’ve lost count how many I’ve written and self published but it’s one of my streams of income.

Even if passive income isn’t your top priority there are lots of other reasons why you might want to pen a non-fiction title.

Some entrepreneurs like to give them away to clients or as part of a coaching program. Others use them to give away to potential e-mail list subscribers. Some want to gain authority in their given niche, maybe pick up a speaking gig or two, or even build a author platform before they pitch to an agent or one of the big publishing companies.

Years ago, you had to go the vanity publishing route if you wanted to go it alone, but along came self-publishing and now just about anyone can write and publish a book.

Okay, there is a downside to what I’ve just said. More people are publishing and it’s made the marketplace a crowded one. However, I still believe that if you come up with a great hook, and find a untapped niche, you can still be successful and earn passive income for many years to come.

Whatever your motive for wanting to publish a non-fiction book, I’ve created a new product to help you. It’s Write and Publish a Non-Fiction Book in 30 Days pack. I think anything that makes getting started simple is a good thing.

It’s got three components-

First one is a four lesson course which will cover, research, writing, editing and finally publishing your book.

Next up is a whole bunch of templates…everything from brainstorming your topic to writing your book description.

And finally, two planners. One is a Kindle publishing planner and the other one I put together to keep track of what you’re publishing and along with a sales tracker.

My goal is to get you to not only think about publishing a book but encourage you to actually take the first step. I think this pack will help you with that.

It’s available in the store for just $27 so I hope you’ll pick up a copy today.

And please let me know if I can answer any questions about it or self publishing in general, I’d be happy to help. Contact me at

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