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What Teaching Platform Is Right For You?

Do you have a teaching platform in mind or do you need some help narrowing down the choices?

When I began teaching online, the platforms were few so picking one wasn’t that hard. However, now it seems like everyone offers you the opportunity to share your skills with the world. Here are some tips that should help you narrow it down.

What Are You Teaching?

Do you already know what you’d like to teach? Is it English as a second language, graphic design or even cooking? Each platform has its niche (something we’ll be getting more into in the coming months). Check out the classes on the platform and see what others are teaching and if it does have niche that’s a perfect match for you.

Are Tech Savvy?

I’ll admit, I’m not, and that’s why I’ve always picked sites with easy plug and play, paste and copy, formats to upload my lessons and classes. Some platforms are great but if you’re going to spend a long time adding your classes and even puzzled about how to maintain them, maybe look for one with most of the techy stuff done for you.

Do They Let You Drip Classes?

I know this sounds weird if you’re not familiar with online learning but some platforms allow you to release your lessons at set times rather than all at once. If you’re setting up your class so that students learn one thing and shouldn’t move onto another module until they’ve grasped and even passed, module one, then some students might get lost, frustrated and give up. None of us want that to happen to anyone we teach.

Can You Interact with Your Students?

Some platforms have virtual classrooms where you can ‘meet’ you students and they can ask questions, etc.

Have Much Does It Cost?

Some platforms are pricey while others are free and some are tiered so you can start out with the free plan and as you gain more students, move up to the next price plan. This is great if you’re not sure if you like teaching online or even like the platform.

How Do You Get Paid, And What’s the Cost?

I say free and some are just that. However, even some free platforms will charge a commission or transaction fee when someone enrolls in your class. With some of the higher paid levels you can avoid this, but when you’re going the free route, be sure you know what cut the platform takes. Is it a site that gives you a royalty payment from a pool of all the teachers on the site, instead of you setting your own prices?

Do You Want to Take Payments?

It’s getting easier to take payments with sites like PayPal but some people don’t like the hassle. Would you prefer the platform to handle all that for you? If so, how much do they charge?

Just a few things to start thinking about this month. And if there’s a platform you’d like to see featured…or possibly interviewed here at BSG, just let me know. Leave a comment or contact me at budgetsmartqueries@gmail.com.

Talk again soon, and remember to live the life you love.

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