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Wednesday Interview with April Lemarr

This week’s guest is April Lemarr. I’m on April’s mailing list and I’ve bought products from her and I strongly encourage you to sign up to her mailing list and check out all the wonderful products she provides content creators. We’re going to talk more about PLR and how you can use it to add content to your site but for now, enjoy my interview with April.

Tell us about yourself and your business.

Hi my name is April Lemarr and I own Niche Starter Packs. My business provides done-for-you content to small business, bloggers, entrepreneuers and coaches. There are three easy steps — Download. Personalize. Use as your own.

I do the hard work of researching the trending and evergreen topics and then creating all the content. You can then purchase the content and use it in your business for many things such as blog posts, lead magnets, eCourse, workshops, webinars, email nuture sequences, challenges and so much more.

I create content specifically for other people to use and won’t get mad if add it to your content marketing efforts. I encourage it and actually show you how to do just that on my blog at Niche Starter Packs, as well as my social media platforms

Is this your first business?

I’ve always had an entreprenuers heart. I never found anything that I followed through with and made happen.

I tried several different things – both online and offline.

With Niche Starter Packs I was deteremined and made a decision that it WOULD happen. I also had a goal that was bigger than me which helped me get past all the challenges that came up.

When did you start it and what gave you the idea?

I started writing my first article on December 4, 2015. I didn’t launch my product until March 12, 2016.

Did you face any specific challenges or obstacles before you set up the business? If so, how did you overcome them?

My main obstacles and challenges when I first began were all mindset. I lacked the confidence or self-belief that I could do it. Those first few months were a constant struggle because I wanted it so bad but I lacked the belief.

I worked on these issues every day in the form of procrastination, frustration and anger (at myself).

I had to wake up every single day and get through it because I didn’t want to continue the same way that I’d been going.

What, if any, are your current challenges?

Last year I started outsourcing a lot of my done-for-you content creation and even hired a project manager to help me with my business.

This year I’m going a new direction and it almost feels like the beginning of my journey. I think anytime you try something new you’re going to get resistance and that is what I’m feeling.

How do you see your business evolving? What direction do you see your business taking?

Over the last few years I’ve been concentrating on creating the done-for-you packs – now that I’ve done that and have a team who can help me I’ll be transitioning to teaching. This could be specific for using done-for-you content or more general.

I’ve started blogging on my site at Niche Starter Packs, as well as my lifestyle blog at

I’ll be focusing on bringing traffic to my site and serving my community.

If this isn’t your first business, what did you do in the past? Why did you switch?

I’ve always known that I would own a business and tried several different things first but this is the first one that fit and worked.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

You’re going to have challenges – we all do – you just need to keep on working, doing what needs to be done and push past all the self-doubt. It’ll be hard but worth it.

Also, Google is your friend. If you don’t know something search for it. Someone has usually taken the time to answer the question.

Do you have a favorite business tip to share?

One of the best things that I did at the beginning and work on consistently is networking with like-minded people. They can turn into your friends, people that can answer questions or brainstorm with, partner with on projects and become affiliates for you, as well as you, them.

It is also just nice to have someone who you can talk business with. My family would listen but I knew most of it went over their head. I’m sure they’re thrilled I finally found people that I can talk to that understand it.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I just want to let people know that there isn’t some magic button to make this happen. You’ve got to pick one thing, focus on it, figure out all the steps and then add a new income stream or project (if you want to). Keep on keeping on even when it gets challenging, you’re doubting yourself or nothing seems to be working – because you’re going to go through all of those things. It will be hard, until it is easy. The thing is that even when the things you’re struggling with become easy there will be another challenge.

This helps us grow in our business and as a person. Even with all of the struggles owning my business is well worth it. I wasn’t a good employee because after the first year I was always looking for the perfect job. When you own your business you can pivot and try something new at any time. After a few months you can decide it isn’t for you and that is okay.

I also love the absolute freedom I get. I’m able to homeschool my son, travel at a moments notice, go visit my family whenever I want to and schedule my calendar however I chose because I can work when I want too. If I don’t get everything done in the morning then I can do it at night or while I’m waiting for my son while he’s at one of his activities.

You can visit my site at: or follow me:


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